SpaceCats in Space!

Combat with claws!

SpaceCats in Space! is an animated twin-stick shooter feline epic that takes place among the stars. The Kingdom of Meowfyre is under attack, and it needs your help right meow! Play as Princess Angelina Contessa III, and blast your way to meowgical glory in no-holds-barred space warfare against the canine Grolich Empire!

Key Features:

Experience a fast-paced, tactical twin-stick with realistic space physics, tank-style controls, and special weapon recoil. Activating thrusters now!

1.) Call in strategic bomber strikes to obliterate your enemies. Rely on your trusty wingman to watch your back. You are the Crown Princess, with the full might of the Royal Navy at your disposal. Don’t just fight — LEAD.

2.) Equip countless pawsome weapon, shield, and ship upgrades to put an end to the massive Grolich war machine once and for all. Did somebody say Kitty Laser 9001?

3.) Choose your destiny in a visual narrative story mode, where every decision affects your ship, enemies… and even the battlefield!

4.) Battle the canines of Grolich solo or with a friend in local two-player co-op and lead Meowfyre to victory… or doom.

5.) Explore a universe straight out of Saturday morning cartoons while soaking up stellar voice acting and custom tracks.

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