Announcing Our Devlog for Space Cats in Space!

Hi everyone! Community Manager Carlo here. We’re keeping busy and counting the days until PAX Australia. I’m happy to announce Robotic Potato is starting a devlog! We’ve been talking about it for a while, and we think this will be a great way for us to share our progress on Space Cats in Space! While some posts will cover development, we want to give our readers a “behind the scenes” look into the game. What’s the inspiration behind Space Cats in Space! Who is Princess Angie? What are the game’s core mechanics? These are just some of the topics we … Continue reading Announcing Our Devlog for Space Cats in Space!

The Fur Flies at FA:United!

So we showed our panel to a small but enthusiastic crowd of furs at FA:United. While we had only 1 or two people at first, It bumped up to about 10 by the middle of the presentation. FA:United stands for Fur Affinity: United, and it’s a gathering for members of the site as such, they are a small and close knit bunch. At first it was a little intimidating with everyone walking around in fursuits and tails, but eventually we broke the ice. Luciano, our filmninja/media hustler was a big help and he got a few comments on his … Continue reading The Fur Flies at FA:United!

Con Prep List

Here’s a general con prep list I use to bring to cons. There’s some lightsaber specific stuff for when I do Jedi/ESG shows, but it’s handy stuff to bring for anyone that’s showing off electronic equipment. Con Prep List Carrying Cases and bags (Pack as light as possible.) Suitcase for large costumes and equipment. Organizers only. Backpack for single costumes Waterproof bin or bags for tools & supplies Tools (A good Multitool will have all of these) Screwdriver Knife Scissors Pliers Hammer or other striking tool (A multitool will usually do) Hanging Supplies Gorilla Tape or Duct Tape (Gorilla tape … Continue reading Con Prep List

Surviving after a long fall

So in a crazy turn of events this weekend, my phone fell about 250 feet  off a theme park ride and somehow, managed to survive unscathed. It was this ride, the Skyscreamer. So I had no idea this thing went that fast- the momentum literally ripped the cellphone right out of my pocket and sent it hurtling down to the ground below. This was when we were at the very top of the ride! I honestly did not think it could survive, so we left the park, with me REALLY steamed. Surprise surprise when a good Samaritan called be back … Continue reading Surviving after a long fall

Space Cats Liberty City Demo Update!

In anticipation of Liberty City Anime Con this weekend we’ve introduced a bunch of bug fixes we found thanks to our testing during TheGameCon, GenCon and NYC Playcrafting’s Expo Night. Navigation! A lot of people were getting completely lost in the first level, so we added a navigational sensor onto your CAT 1 fighter. Just follow the green arrow and you’ll get where you need to go. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be hidden goodies to find. Invulnerability! Getting spawn camped is never fun. One of the issues we had was when people would repeatedly just get killed … Continue reading Space Cats Liberty City Demo Update!

Aftermath: TheGamesCon

Whoo! We’re back! It was a crazy weekend, and it’s been a crazy aftermath since SpaceCats In Space at TheGameCon. I’ll just go over what happened briefly Arrived at TheGameCon & setup. It was pretty juryrigged, we used a lot of tape a Had a great lunch at Leo’s Cajun Corner, then dinner at Jimmy’s on the pier Woke up at 8am to get our setup. Panicked a little because our TV that was provided was in rough shape- the stand wasn’t correct, the screws were wrong, and there was no HDMI cable. We had to tape down our television mount … Continue reading Aftermath: TheGamesCon

No Country for Old Devs

AHHHH! Just when I thought I’d have an easy month, I’m now taking an impromptu trip to Galveston, TX this weekend from Aug 7-9 to demo SpaceCats In Space! at TheGameCon So gee, why are we a tiny little company from Queens, NY showing up at a regional gaming convention in Texas? The answer is, Reddit. Last Friday on /r/gamedev I saw this post offering a free both for regional devs interested in going. They had a last minute cancellation and they needed someone to take up space. Short Notice, I know, but a Convention Opportunity! from gamedev So I … Continue reading No Country for Old Devs

Back from Gencon!

Gencon was great! I probably didn’t work as much as I should have  but… I came back with a pretty sweet haul. Yeah, I love miniatures. Probably something for a Kickstarter, hint hint. I did a lot of seminars in both the writer’s block and the board game industries block and wow, I’m really glad to say I’m not in those industries. The profit margins are basically nonexistant and the risks are skyhigh. I did learn a lot about pitching and how marketing and networking are extremely crucial to having a successful game, so that was great. Not to mention all the … Continue reading Back from Gencon!

Alpha v2 Demo Released!

Spacecats are hitting the road! In preparation for both Gencon and the NYC playtest nights, we’ve released a new alpha demo today which is available on Alpha v2 features Brand new artwork for cat and dog ships A newly redesigned first level Rebalanced enemies Better pathfinding Fully realized VO to replace the text only dialog Music, including theme song Notifications for when bomber and fighter are deployment ready More seamless switching between joystick and mouse Audio controls NOTE: Because we are now using FMOD to manage our sound system, SpaceCats In Space is no longer playable over Unity’s WebPlayer … Continue reading Alpha v2 Demo Released!