Kami Kami


Production for Kami Kami has been halted indefinitely.

Gameplay and Plot

Inspired by Japanese sumi-e ink painting and origami, Kami-Kami is a 2D side-scrolling platform adventure game where you play as the spirit of our deceased heroine, which is anchored to a sheet of paper.

Set in a world steeped in the ancient religions of Eastern Asia, you must fold yourself into different forms, taking advantage of their different abilities in order to traverse the Spirit World and defeat your enemies, as you seek a way to regain your body and take revenge against the samurai who killed you and your father.

Press & Pitch Materials

If you’ve seen our pitch or would like to find out more indepth information about the game and our studio, all of our documentation and slides are linked below!



PitchNightCompanionDocument (PDF Version)

PitchNightSlides (PDF Version)

Screen Shots and Environments

Here are a few screen shots we have taken of the game at different levels of development. These first few are a sample home screen as well as two shots from the demo we put together for GDC, followed by the game through development in Unity.

kami scrnsht 2Kami scrnsht 1








level oneLevel one updatescrnshot



Here are the characters we have revealed so far: Our human, kitsune, and momonga, with more to come soon.

kami human sketchpaperwalkFoxMomongaGlide

Concept Art / Assets

Here, we’ve got a few samples of our concept art, art assets, and color palette.

unnamedColor Palette

Concept-01 Concept-02 Final_Art-01


Images Copyright Robotic Potato LLC


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