Catoperative Play

Angel gave the pile of garbage a swift kick. The entire room smelled vaguely of booze and cat-piss. “Get up, you fat idiot.” The mountain of bottles and dirty magazines trembled as dirty orange lump slowly floated to the surface. The Royal Navy’s premier dogfighter sat up with a belch. “…I don’t do mornings.”

Arthur A. Buckle graduated at the bottom of his class. His reason for enlisting was “To impress girls.” But during the Leporidae Conflict, he achieved 100 kills in a single campaign. When asked how he achieved such a feat, he remarked “Alcohol gives me super speed.” That claim has since been repeatedly disproven.

By means of executive order, the Crown Princess placed Flight Officer Buckle under her personal supervision, just before he was to be dishonorably discharged after a 10th incident of drunk and disorderly conduct. He now serves as her wingman.

Two Player “Companion Mode” now available!


Due to popular demand, we’ve implemented a Two Player Companion mode. Now a friend can join you as Art Buckle, Meowfyre’s most inebriated dog fighter!

Since Art is Angel’s wingman, he plays a limited role in the game. He acts more as a companion or sidekick, providing additional firepower and support.

  • Art is limited to flying within Angel’s camera view
  • Has a smaller, faster ship
  • Has fewer base hitpoints
  • Has a smaller magazine
  • Respawns in Angel’s view when destroyed.

Playing as Art is recommended for players who want to join in casually and play a support role for Angel.

Why Co Op mode?

When we first created Space Cats In Space!, we had the intention of making it a single player game only. However the ability to call in an AI wingman caused a lot of confusion- when two players were playing side by side, they’d often think they were playing together. As such, we received a lot of requests to allow Art to be controlled by a friend.

Space Cats can also be a difficult game. It’s not uncommon for players to bring a non-gamer along with them, and it’s good to provide avenues for them to participate. On the same coin, there are a lot of players who enjoy playing support or cooperative roles in video games.


Co-op multiplayer games tend to be fairly rare. There are entire websites devoted to games with co-op mechanics like


For Space Cats In Space! , we were largely inspired by SHMUP games like Tyrian. Two players fight against a scrolling background, sending waves of fire against their enemies.

In Space Cats, there is a problem with camera control. Who does the camera focus on? In the twinstick shooter Helldivers, the camera focuses on the average of all the players. This causes problems where players “Fight” over camera control. Of course since the point of Helldivers is hilarious failure, this isn’t a large problem.

We borrowed from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to solve this. If you remember, Tails acts as a companion to Sonic, helping him through obstacles and providing limited flight. If tails dies or gets left behind, no big deal. He’s either dragged behind on screen, or flies back into view when things calm down.


Finally, in games like League of Legends or Team Fortress, there are many players who enjoy playing a support role as a healer, fire support or other aid. We’re hoping to bring that to Space Cats In Space in the future!


Future Plans

Right now we only have the basic 2 player mode enabled. Here’s a list of issues we’re looking to solve in the coming months during our alpha testing

  • Art isn’t different from Angel. What kind of abilities or powers should he have?
  • How should we balance the game for 2 players vs one player with the ability to call in an AI companion?
  • What kind of challenges can we give that are unique for two players to work together?
  • How can we implement more ‘wingman’ centric fights? Enemies attacking from multiple sides, etc

You can help us by participating on the forums at r/Roboticpotato, or leave us a tweet or comment on Facebook!

Please leave your suggestions and feel free to try the new mechanics in our alpha demo!

Download it here!



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