Warning! Enemy Boss Approaching!

I used to manage a weapons depot in Dusselwoof when an angry officer went to storm out of the base, but an extremely clean window blocked his exit. He slammed into it, snout first and just stood there, barking until we moved it out of the way for him. Must have shown that holo around the base 300 times at least.

That idiot was Siegfried Krumholtz and now I sit on the front lines of battle, guarding a small metal box in space. That is why we always leave a safety smudge. –Gustav Bachs

In the Grolich Wehrmacht, support and heavy weapons are typically carried by trusted officers

Onboard nanofactories can read and recreate the weapon schematics of defeated foes. A quantum network interface allows our scientists the ability to reconfigure and improve weaponry in battle at realtime speeds.

Acquiring new weapons

Grolich Officers guard access to powerful weapons and power ups on the field. In order to gain access to weapons like

CZH 500mm Gauss Autocannon


CZH 500mm Gauss Flak projector


Bundweiser 41 Guided MRLS (Multiple Rocket Launcher)


Meowfyre Royal Aeronautics Blue Manx LaWS (Laser Weapon System)


You’ll need to defeat them to upload their schematics onto your onboard nanofactories.

Stardust Ammunition

All modern weapons are powered by Stardust. Stardust is military slang for the bits of hydrogen, metal, and other particulate matter left behind in debris and the cosmos. Modern nanofactories are capable of processing most volatile elements into fuel cells, explosive shells and other small scale supplies. Picking up the remains of defeated foes with your hydrogen scoops is a perfect way to replenish your stores.



Shield Generators

Watch out, the canines have upped their kinetic shield generator technology!

Shield generators are a standard safety feature on all Meowfyre vehicles and a staple of civilian life. On Meowfyre, we’re proud of our record of less than 100 vehicular deaths per year.

All militaries utilize upgraded shield generators that deflect projectiles like small arms or micrometeors. With enough power, shields can even be impervious to vehicular cannon fire.

Deflector Shields are blue.


They are used mostly by static emplacements, although some heavier or experimental ships are known to use them. They are impervious to railcannon fire. However they can be destroyed with high explosives or laser weapons

Kinetic Shields are yellow.


The Grolich use older models of kinetic shields that do not regenerate and always come with a telltale yellow sheen. Regenerating kinetic shields included as standard equipment on Her Majesty’s CAT-1 Heavy Fighters.

Why Minibosses?

In previous builds of the game, we simply placed power ups in arbitrary areas of the map. While this certainly worked, it didn’t feel like you had actually earned anything.

We borrowed the idea from games like Megaman, where you would have to defeat an enemy armed with a particular gun in order to gain his ability.

Additionally, we wanted to have a greater diversity of enemies and bring more character of the setting into the game. Adding in named enemies gives us the opportunity to add in additional portraits and dialog so you can really get a sense of the setting rather than just “Generic Space Shooter”

Adding in an economy

Image result for video game economy

There are certainly games out there where the object is just to shoot everything and get through the level as fast as possible. In Space Cats In Space I wanted players to progress more slowly through the game, battling enemies to collect loot. While we didn’t want to aim for a Borderlands or Diablo level of complexity, I felt that players should be rewarded for killing enemies, and encouraged not to simply run through them and not shoot anything.

The addition of Stardust allowed us to do that. It also lets us put a limiter on overpowered special weapons and provide a better way to balance them. Ammunition introduces resource management and creates choice. Moving forward way may balance other powers with stardust, such as Bomberstrikes, wingman assistance and afterburners.

-Alex Lau, Lead Developer


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