Interviews, Let’s Plays, Cats, oh My!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year. We at Robotic Potato are keeping pretty busy. We just released the “Stardust” update of Space Cats In Space! We’re looking for game testers, so if you’re interested download the build and leave a comment on our Reddit page!

Speaking of Space Cats in Space – our game has been getting some love on several let’s play channels.  We’re so grateful to able to collaborate with the following streamers:

Nick Manning a.k.a. Call me Giant (@CallMeGIANTYT)


Jupiter Hadley (@Jupiter_Hadley)


Noel Morales, Renegade Computer Tech (@Htaed7_RCT)


Aaron Classic Gamer (@AaronClasicGamr)

Also check out when Aaron Classic Gamer interviewed Robotic Potato CEO Alex Lau about Space Cats in Space!


We have some other great let’s plays scheduled and we’ll be sure to post them here. If you want to catch live streams, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Robotic_Potato and Like our Facebook Page.


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