Chapter 1: Misery in Meowfyre

The debris from a difficult battle still looms in the night sky hours after Princess Angel returned. It was another intense battle, and she knew tomorrow or the next day would have yet another for her. Restless, she walked over to the refrigerator and poured herself a large glass of milk.

“How can you drink it cold?” she said to herself, recalling the times when her father would always ask her.

“Because I love the purrrr-fect balance of feeling sleepy and that cold excitement of waking up. It’s like jumping in water,” she would respond back, and lick her paws after downing an entire glass.

Her father, meanwhile, twitched at the mere thought of getting wet.
But that was long ago. It had been years since she lost her parents in the war. But what was even harder for her was her role as Princess Angel of Meowfyre. She must be brave, must lead, must defeat those pesky dogs!
After finishing the glass of milk, she did not even try to go back into bed. Instead, she grabbed the leather bomber’s jacket her father used to wear, and headed for Kneip’s Bar.

It was a dingy place. The wood smelled of old cheese and cat nip. The scratch posts were all completely worn out. But at times like this, such a place was all she wanted.

“Make it strong, will ya’” she told Kneip.

“Yes m’am,” replied an old gray cat. His mustache was so bushy, that his meow’s were barely audible. “How we do,” he began to ask her while making the drink.

IvNHgz9Princess Angel didn’t say anything. Instead, she sunk her head down a bit, unable to look at Kneip, who had already lost two sons in the war.
“Bottoms up,” she purred, and finished the glass in one gulp.
She could tell Kneip wanted to talk with her. But she just couldn’t bare it any long. Having decided to leave, she stood up when all of a sudden Chien, her best friend and one hell of a scientist, entered the room.


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