Devlog Post #4 – Visual Novel System

If you saw our newsletter last week, then you saw how Colonel Neville from Space Cats in Space! hinted at the visual novel system we’ve incorporated into the game.

The Cougar Squadron needs your help! It’s a matter of survival… battle skill tactics… diplomacy???

In other words, players’ decisions will have a direct impact on how they progress in battling the Grolich Empire. At the end of every level, players will have to make a decision from 3-4 choices. Just to give an example:

These decisions fall into three game play categories called paths. The first, Self, improves your character (Princess Angel) or your ship. Family improves the Cougar Squadron and the support they’re able to give you. Greater Good involves making strategic decision that can benefit Meowfyre. In the parentheses, you’ll see the immediate upgrade or benefit from choosing the option from that path.

These decisions will also affect the game’s plot. Team characters might die, or you might uncover a bonus objective or side story. Continual decisions from one path could compound and result in an entirely different experience from other players.

We at Robotic Potato hope this will give players a rich game play experience. Of course, players can also replay the game and make different decisions to see how they affect the fate of the Cougar Squadron and Meowfyre.


2 thoughts on “Devlog Post #4 – Visual Novel System

  1. I really dig this idea by allowing mechanical aspects to be applied as well as narrative choices it gives Players a sense of agency in how the story plays out. I’m really enjoying what you’re doing here!


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