Devlog Post #3 – Meet Princess Angel

Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III (Angel)

Angel_titlePrincess Angel of Meowfyre is not your typical hero. She’s a heavy-set cat, mostly due to her struggles with overeating. Angel’s parents, the King and Queen, died in a tragic boating accident when she was only 17. Leaving her to raise her little sister, Princess Lina.

Angel has delayed her accepting the role as Queen of Meowfyre. In fact, she joined the military when she became of age. Angel quickly became the best fighter pilot and often used her royal authority to take charge of important missions.

Overall, Angie is a strong, fighting woman who focuses on strength and boldness over speed and subtlety. She is the opposite of the ‘typical’ female action hero.

Have any questions for Princess Angie? Let us know in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Devlog Post #3 – Meet Princess Angel

  1. Do you have a set backstory into the history of Meowfyre? Sounds like she’s the oldest living member of the Royal Family, but obviously there’s someone who is still “running the show” if Angel has (permanently?) delayed accepting her role as Queen.


    1. Thanks for asking! We do have a bit more of the backstory worked out, and we’re planning on sharing more in future devlog posts.

      We’re also looking for writers to help write stories and poems to build up the lore for Space Cats in Space. Spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested!


  2. I’m all for more diverse female action heroes, but “overeating” and “the best fighter pilot” doesn’t seem to go together very well.


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