Devlog Post #2 – Interview with Concept Artist Kim

Hello everyone!

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For today’s post we wanted to focus on the concept art for Space Cats in Space! We realized there’s no better way to do this than to interview the game’s concept artist Kim. We asked about her art background and love for illustrations, comics and video games.

Can you tell us about your background in art?

Well, when I was in school I always dreamed of becoming a comic book artist. European style, it’s a bit different from the American comic book culture. So any scrap of paper would be covered in little drawings of heads and poses in no time. But drawing as a professional career was never taken seriously by my parents and teachers. It wasn’t even an option to go to drawing classes during the evening or weekends (considered a waste of time for a shallow and volatile hobby). It was kinda “good grades and have a ‘serious’ diploma and career” mentality.

After my studies, I followed a year long workshop, held by a painter and known artist in symbolic art, Magda Francot. Very old school, but I learned heaps! She knows so much, studies the old artists and such. But with a busy job (which wasn’t illustrating), it took some years before the next step …

… which was taking illustration evening classes. But I was appalled by the incompetence of the teachers. They literally teach you how not to draw! They didn’t master any fundamentals themselves, like the anatomic landmarks, color and perspective. How could I learn? I quickly left utterly disappointed.

It was at that moment that I decided to make a huge career change and earn a living as an illustrator and concept artist. So I set goals and spend all my free time painting, painting and painting.

Since then I’ve followed 2 excellent workshops online and I’m planning to keep on learning and following workshops for the rest of my life! I think it’s super important to keep on evolving and pushing your limits.

Can you tell us about your creative process?

Almost everything is done on my computer, I almost never sketch on paper anymore (which is a shame! really!).

The first step is creating a black and white base, working with big strokes and try to “shape” things like a sculptor: working from impressions and big forms and gradually fleshing out the design and details. When important issues like composition, light, design and concept becomes more and more solid, I switch to colors. It can take anything from a couple of days to well over a week to finish a whole painting.

iii.      What are your inspirations?

There are so many good artists these days, it’s just hard to keep track of them! But to name a few:

The works from the Hudson River School: old but awesome!
Craig Mullins
Jaime Jones
Donglu Yu
Brad “Cryptcrawler” Rigney
And so many others!

And of course a lot of fantasy and SF movies and games inspire me. Often, even if the story and plot is awful, I still go to the movies just to look at the scenery, the designs and try to look at the concept art behind it all.

iv.      What’s your favorite piece from Spacecats so far?

The Spacebattle! It was grueling hard work and I loved every minute of it.

Below is some of Kim’s recent artwork for Space Cats in Space!

Jinxy’s Spaceship:

jinxyAngel’s Spaceship:

AngelVon-Schloss’ Ship:


Greta’s Ship:


We’re really happy to have Kim on the team, as she’s creating truly awesome art for the game. Do you guys have any questions for Kim? For the Robotic Potato team? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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