Space Cats in Space! Devlog Post #1

cropped-wordpresslogo.pngSo… what is Space Cats in Space?

If you just started following us on Twitter, found our Facebook page or stumbled on our Subreddit, you’re probably wondering what exactly our game is about. In a nutshell, Space Cats in Space! is a 2D shooter featuring cats and dogs fighting in Space. In a distant galaxy, the peaceful planet Meowfyre is thrown into turmoil by invading Golrich Empire. Led by Oberluft Kommandant Von Schloss, the empire has given Meowfyer an ultimatum: surrender or be destroyed city by city! It’s up to Princess Angel Contessa, III to lead the cougar squadron to defend Meowfyre and restore peace.


We’ve been working on this game since April of this year, and we’re aiming for a release sometime next year. Yes, that’s a pretty wide window, but we want to make sure this game’s the best it can be.

What are its inspirations?

Most of us at Robotic Potato grew up in the 80s and 90s. We had first and second gen consoles. We watched classic Disney cartoons like DuckTales, Gargoyles and Talespin.

real-90s-kids-remember-talespin_o_2012845Essentially, wanted to create a game that people our age could identify with and enjoy. Everything from the animation, dialogue and voice acting is based on this tradition (want more evidence? Listen to our theme song below). Nevertheless, Space Cats in Space! is also filled with humor and pop culture references for everyone to enjoy.

What are the fundamental parts of the game?

Space Cats in Space is first and foremost a 2D twin stick SHMUP. The conflict between Meowfyre and the Golrich Empire is based on World War II, and we want the game play to reflect this. “Screen shake” feedback, weapon management and complete spaceship mobility are just some of the features we’re including to achieve this.

Who is it made by?

Yeah, I’m sure you’d like to know more about us at Robotic Potato Games. We’re an indie gaming studio based in Queens, New York. Our team is made up of developers, designers and other gurus from around the world. We come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us are utilizing skills we learned in school while others are self-taught. We’ve been brought together for our passion of games, and we’re excited to be working on Space Cats in Space!

Have any questions about the game or Robotic Potato? What do you want to know about Space Cats in Space? Leave us a comment below!


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