UNITE, Maker Faire and the Rest of September

Hi everyone,

This is Carlo, the new Community Manager over at Robotic Potato! I Can’t believe we’re already in October. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, and we wanted to catch you all up on what we’ve been up to.

UNITE Boston: 9/21-9/23

For those who don’t know, Unite is an annual conference held by Unity in Boston.  As with most conferences, those few days were a blur of presentations, networking and partying (after party at Luck Strike? Yes!). Overall, we had a great time networking with the Unity devs and everyone else. Some highlights include:

  • A great conversation with some people from Nintendo. We told them we’ll be supporting SpaceCats in Space for the WiiU and 3DS!
  • The new stuff Unity has in the works. It’s looking like VR will be the next big thing in gaming.
  • Significant focus on indie developers and 2d development. Gotta spread the love for us indie gamers!

20150921_100133Getting pumped for Angry Birds 2

20150921_120950We said there was a lot of partying…

Check out Unite Boston’s highlight reel below. It’s amazing to see the breadth of games that are created using Unity.

Also, Space Cats in Space has a Made with Unity page.

Maker Faire: 9/27

Just a few days after getting back from Boston we were out at Maker Faire here in New York. This is a huge event where makers come to show off their creations in a county fair-like setting. Can check out more at the Maker Faire site.

20150927_115215Robot and jet pack, need we say more?

Some highlights from Maker Faire include:

  • Pretty cool arcade cabinets from Death by Audio Arcade. This group of NYC game developers put these on display all around NYC for people to play. You can check them out on their site.
  • The Smartmatrix Display we scored, which is a pretty sweet LED Digital Sign. We’ll be using this to create some awesome GIFs to share 🙂
  • The variety of smart toys. These are a new breed of toys that incorporate artificial intelligence that learn as they’re being played with. One great example is the Ozobot. This little guy teaches programming to kids and can recognize patterns on different surfaces.

So yeah, September kept us busy, and there’s no sign of stopping. Our next conference is PAX Australia from October 30th to November 1st, so we’ll be busy this month preparing. Yes, we know that means we won’t be in the states for Halloween, but… Australia!


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