The Fur Flies at FA:United!

So we showed our panel to a small but enthusiastic crowd of furs at FA:United. While we had only 1 or two people at first, It bumped up to about 10 by the middle of the presentation.

FA:United stands for Fur Affinity: United, and it’s a gathering for members of the site as such, they are a small and close knit bunch.

Shamelessly stolen photo, but I saw these guys, they were awesome!

At first it was a little intimidating with everyone walking around in fursuits and tails, but eventually we broke the ice. Luciano, our filmninja/media hustler was a big help and he got a few comments on his costume. He even got in trouble with security.

Overall, the presentation was a hit. I showed off the old alpha trailer, and then moved on to a bunch of stuff I made especially for this convention: The test reel for our animated trailer, a new Grolich anthem, and some footage of our latest build.

I’ll likely post those publicly at the end of the week. Sign up for our mailing list if you want an earlier preview to be released tomorrow!

Everyone was polite and asked great questions. I’ve got to say that this was one of the best receptions to the game I’ve ever had at a convention. I even managed to sell my first T-shirt! Hurrah!

Only $25 with S&H!

I definitely plan on coming back next year and doing even more panels at other cons!


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