No Country for Old Devs


Just when I thought I’d have an easy month, I’m now taking an impromptu trip to Galveston, TX this weekend from Aug 7-9 to demo SpaceCats In Space! at


So gee, why are we a tiny little company from Queens, NY showing up at a regional gaming convention in Texas?

The answer is, Reddit.

Last Friday on /r/gamedev I saw this post offering a free both for regional devs interested in going. They had a last minute cancellation and they needed someone to take up space.

So I was like..hey why not take a crapshot. I didn’t think I’d actually get it.

Then like while I was out at Gencon I get this email

Hello Alex,

Thank you for replying to my posting! I just checked back on Reddit and I can say that you have the open booth, at no cost to you as I stated in the listing.

I will be sending you an email momentarially with our exhibitor packet. Please fill it out, but do not worry about any pricing there, simple make a note of /u/Legundo from reddit and send it back my way. I also need the legal name of anyone attending so we can issue exhibitor badges.

Apologies again if this puts you into a rush, but thank you for helping us keep out exhibit hall full and exciting for all users!


Well, crap on a cracker, I’m going. A lot of phone calls and some $2,500 later I’ve orderd a fat stack of posters and banners and have 3 plane tickets and a room in Galveston, TX.

Admittedly I’m panicking a bit because all that’s totally insane, but I think we’re going to make it. We’ve got the demo in good shape from Gencon and Playcrafting Night NYC, so the main part is like physically getting there and sticking it out.

To everyone attending GamesCon, I hope to see you there, and thanks to Michael Cassic for the great opportunity.

Thanks to my friends Aaron Potts & Damian Jhagroo who were able to drop everything on short notice and come with me!


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