Back from Gencon!

Gencon was great! I probably didn’t work as much as I should have  but…


I came back with a pretty sweet haul. Yeah, I love miniatures. Probably something for a Kickstarter, hint hint.

I did a lot of seminars in both the writer’s block and the board game industries block and wow, I’m really glad to say I’m not in those industries. The profit margins are basically nonexistant and the risks are skyhigh.

I did learn a lot about pitching and how marketing and networking are extremely crucial to having a successful game, so that was great. Not to mention all the inspiration from seeing all the cool new games and mechanics out there!

Virtual Tabletops and Gaming

I attended a panel by a group of software developers trying to bring modern technology to tabletop gaming and it was pretty eye opening. These guys really are the unsung heroes of the gaming industry. They’re kind of trapped between a space of cutting edge and the stone age, dealing with book publishers and gamers used to buying titles like Dragon Age for $50

Lone Wolf Development specializes in character and campaign creation tools such as Herolab, and Realmworks. They also offer a lot of minatures support with Army Tools and an upcoming Tournament organizing tool

Fantasy Grounds is a cutting edge virtual tabletop (VTT) built off of Unity. It features great graphics and features such as built in voice communication. It’s a cadillac of desktop based VTTs and well worth the price.

Mesa Mundi works with surface and multitouch technologies to bring us d20Pro, a really hot modern interface for playing D&D with your friends in person on a fancy touch-screen table. It’s one step towards the dream of a Marvel or Minority report style UI.

Finally, there’s SyrinScape, a really nifty app that works by delivering realtime, easily accessible sounds into your tabletop game. It’s like a really advanced version of the old ‘fart’ apps, but this time with intelligent context based contents so you don’t have to look down and mess with files while you’re in the middle of running your game!

These guys are content focused developers and could really use your help with getting the word out. Their products are worth it. Tell your friends!

Lonewolf Development-

Fantasy Grounds-

Mesa Mundi –

SyrinScape –

Alexander Laualex


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