Alpha v2 Demo Released!

Spacecats are hitting the road!

In preparation for both Gencon and the NYC playtest nights, we’ve released a new alpha demo today which is available on

Alpha v2 features

  • Brand new artwork for cat and dog ships
  • A newly redesigned first level
  • Rebalanced enemies
  • Better pathfinding
  • Fully realized VO to replace the text only dialog
  • Music, including theme song
  • Notifications for when bomber and fighter are deployment ready
  • More seamless switching between joystick and mouse
  • Audio controls
  • NOTE: Because we are now using FMOD to manage our sound system, SpaceCats In Space is no longer playable over Unity’s WebPlayer

New Screenshots!

However, it’s still not complete. We still have alot of artwork to add. In particular, all of our environmental art is still ‘programmer art’. There are also alot more features we’d like to add, in particular weapon upgrades, different powerups, item collections, and a robust ‘squad leader’ system that’s designed to give enemies more personality, inspired by the orc captains mechanic of Shadows of Mordor

Oh, and dancing cats. scouse-cat

Visit us this week at GenCon 


and NYC Playcrafting’s Summer Expo!


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