7 days to Gencon!


7 days to GenCon!

It’s a week to go before Robotic Potato invades the largest gaming convention in the country. We’ve been gearing up with lots of swag. We have T-shirts, flyers, cards and are working super hard on our Alpha demo. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Why would a video game company go to GenCon, which is full of tabletop gamers? Well, we feel that our in game story speaks to role players. Who has not played a space setting role playing game and enjoyed shooting your enemies out of the sky with a roll of the dice. Plus, our characters are thought out and create a banter similar to any cohesive RP team.

Along with doing some marketing, our team will also be participating in multiple seminars, playtesting as many games as possible and buying an embarrassing amount of stuff.  We look forward to an exciting weekend in Indianapolis!

For something close to home, our sales ninja, Marcus, will be representing us at the Playcrafting Summer Expo of July 29th.  Our Alpha Demo will have more bells, whistles and meows than you can shake your tail at.  And this is just a taste of what Robotic Potato has in store for SPACECATS.  Stop by, say hi, play our game! We will have our awesome new flyers out at our booth as well.

Thanks for reading!
JenniferRabbinSmallJennifer Rabbin (Producer)


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