Disney Afternoon, Cats After Dark.

Check out these hot new frames from our new animator, Rachel Lewis! There’s more to come soon.


Remember those Disney Afternoon cartoons? Talespin, Ducktales? I’d love to do something like that for SpaceCats In Space, fully animated cutscenes et al.

SpaceCats is inspired heavily by Talespin and it’s psuedo 1940s world of airplanes, pirates and cartoon violence. It’s like Talespin in space, but with Nazis.

I like to think of it as a game for all of the adults who grew up with that.

Who doesn’t love silly animal characters running around shooting each other? And now that we’re a bit older, we can stand a little bit of smoking, drinking, cursing and violence.  I mean I absolutely love Archer.

If you’re into cartoons, and especially animated musical numbers,  keep an eye out in October. We’ve got something in surprise for you!


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