Cats At Work!

The team has been working hard these past few months on Space Cats In Space! We’re focused on delivering a quality shoot’m up experience for all you fans of shooting things, cats and space. Since April, we’ve added a lot of folks to our team roster. You can check out more details in the “About Us” Section.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in the last 3 months

  • Added 9 more people to our team including: Artist, Sound designer, Composer, 2 voice actors, 2 programmers, a level designer and a demo/salesman
  • Did a well received presentation at Playcrafting NYC’s Demo Night
  • Ordered a bunch of T-Shirts and flyers in preparation for the summer/fall con season, and generally stepped up our marketing efforts
  • Programmed in new AI, designed new levels, powerups and enemies
  • Created sweet concept, promo and character art.
  • Hosted a demo on
  • Brought in funding for the studio by working on outside contracts, particularly a game called “Trapocalypse” which we’ll put later on the site as things develop

In our coming installments we’ll go over stuff like our new AI, level design techniqiues and saturday morning space opera style story. For you budding indie developers, we’ll go over how we attracted people to work with us, and our plans for upcoming events and marketing.

Still not satisfied?

Tell us how we can improve our ratio of cats shooting dogs on Facebook and Twitter!


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