Spacecats In Space!

As you may have been aware, Robotic Potato has ceased production on Kami Kami.

We are moving onto our next project, Spacecats in Space!

It’s a 2d spaceshooter about cats shooting dogs, in space!

We’re currently in prepreprealpha stage, having started development on 4/20/2015. Figures.

15 Angelina Concept sheet4 Von Schloss conceptsVideo 5-2-2015 4-33-38 PM.mp4_snapshot_04.28_[2015.05.02_16.49.48] Video 5-2-2015 4-33-38 PM.mp4_snapshot_04.29_[2015.05.02_16.50.08] Video 5-2-2015 4-33-38 PM.mp4_snapshot_04.32_[2015.05.02_16.50.17] Video 5-2-2015 4-33-38 PM.mp4_snapshot_07.21_[2015.05.02_16.52.29] Video 5-2-2015 4-33-38 PM.mp4_snapshot_07.25_[2015.05.02_16.52.45] Video 5-2-2015 4-33-38 PM.mp4_snapshot_07.26_[2015.05.02_16.52.50]


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