Meet The Crew! Kenny Talks Animation Programs and Style.

Hey everyone! For today’s MTC we’ll be sharing two short questions with Kenny. Here we go!

  1. What programs do you use?

         I prefer Flash’s library system to anything else I’ve tried. Makes swapping out symbols super easy. Really, it’s just a super quick program and gives some instant results. For something like this, I don’t really need much more. Now I’m learning how to work a bit in Unity, which is pretty scary haha.

  2. Kami Kami is heavily inspired by Japanese ink paintings and focuses on origami transformations as a primary game mechanic. In what ways has Kami Kami challenged your personal style, or how have you reconciled your style to the game’s style?

         Well having the brush stroke edges of things really screws me up. When I need to draw a leg in a different position, I can normally just doodle up a quick limb, but now I need to match the brush-stroked edge, which makes me more careful than I usually am. I’m not too aware of my style at all, I’m just trying to make whatever I do work for the game.


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