Meet The Crew!!!! Animator Kenny On His Process.

Hey there everyone!

It is time for Meet The Crew, but we’re changing things up this time. Starting today, we’ll be spreading out our MTC interviews over the course of the week. For today, Animator Kenny shares his process! Check it out:

Kenny: My process begins with a series of self-deprecating thoughts on how I have no idea what I’m doing, how everyone else is better than me, and why anybody would enjoy the tedious process of animating ever. I open up a can of garbanzo beans and sprinkle some lemon pepper on ’em and get to work. With my hands, I act out whatever motion I want to animate so I get the timing down a bit. I block out some poses real quick and try to get a perfect loop (if it’s a walk cycle or jump or something). I do some inbetweens and draw some limbs that need drawing and eventually realize that the movement is way too slow so I chop it down. And after a few hours I feel pretty good about it, think about how I do have some idea about what I’m doing, that everyone else is figuring it out as well, and that being in the flow of animating ain’t all that bad!

That’s it for today, more to come tomorrow!




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