Meet The Crew! Alex talks Updates, Coding, Writing.

As you may have guessed, it is time for round two, with CEO and Programmer, Alex!!!

  1. Tell us a little bit about your process?

    1. I typically work in unity + visual studio for coding. Usually I start off with diagrams, comments, outlines and a documentation skeleton and then work up from there. I utilize in iterative coding process where I build testable fragments of code that work together in a cohesive unit.
    2. For writing I work the same way, I start with an outline in notepad and then flesh things out in a harder tool like Word, Articy or Powerpoint depending on the project. Usually I have Wikipedia open for reference and research.
  2. What programs do you use?

         Unity, Visual Studio, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Notepad+++, MS Word, Articy and Powerpoint.

  3. Kami Kami is heavily inspired by Japanese ink paintings and focuses on origami transformations as a primary game mechanic. In what ways has Kami Kami challenged your personal style, or how have you reconciled your style to the game’s style?

         As a coder this isn’t so relevant. Code is code, whatever the art attached. As a writer I draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese history and the time period from which Sumi-E inkpaintings are inspired. I also draw a lot of influence from the Chinese style which sumi-e originated, Shui Mo Hua.

    For the Japanese underworld we draw lots of inspirations from folk tales and Japanese Shintoism. I also delve into my own expertise of Chinese Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist rituals which made their way into Japan. Both cultures are very synchronistic when it comes to religion and artwork.

    I have a degree in East Asian Studies, and my father was a Shui Mo Hua painter and calligrapher in China, so I’m very comfortable working in the setting. I know a lot about the cultures of ancient Japan and China. My family has an extensive past in China, and I’ve done a lot of research into ancient Japan.

  4. Do you think this experience has helped you to improve in some way as a (skill)?

    With every game we do I feel like our team learns new skills and ways of working. In this particular project I’m learning a lot more about things like animations, combo systems, platforming path finding, AI and other systems relevant to 2d style jumping games. It’s definitely different from the sort of mobile puzzle games we started out with.

  5. What part of the project are you working on now?

    Currently working on putting together the AI for enemies. We’re using behavioral trees to drive actions like shooting, melee attacks, patrol and pursuit. I’m also working on grey box testing to make sure the game is fun, and that we have a number of different scenarios and challenges the player can overcome

  6. If you could live in one video game world, which one would it be?

    Star Wars, of course. In my spare time I’m a member of the Empire Saber Guild, a charity organization that does lightsaber shows for cons, children’s hospitals, parties and other things.


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