Meet The Crew, Round Two! Art Director, John, On Games, and A Proper Coffee.

Wooooaaaaahh, Round one is through, now, it’s time for Meet The Crew, Round Two, so without any further ado, let’s get to… it.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your process?

First I make a french press coffee. I carefully weigh out the beans, grind them on coarse, dump them into the carafe and add water to let the coffee bloom. after I hit the plunger I sit at my desk and start my work.
     2. What programs do you use?
All the environment art is done in adobe illustrator, I also work in unity when I’m implementing my designs.
     3. Kami Kami is heavily inspired by Japanese ink paintings and focuses on origami transformations as a primary game mechanic. In what ways has Kami Kami challenged your personal style, or how have you reconciled your style with the game’s?
It has been very challenging, I came up with the style which I had been playing around with for over 3 years. In that time it has gone through many changes, the original concept was horrible, and just images with thick black outlines. After taking an East Asian ink painting classes, and taking a quarter (no, not semester) in Hong Kong studying digital art, and applying traditional techniques on a cintiq I was able to get something that I was happy with. I still struggle with the style in many ways, it’s the complete opposite of my personal style, which is very clean, simple and stresses minimalism. while the Kami Kami is all about wabi-sabi and the beauty in imperfection and is meant to have a handcrafted feel.
     4. Do you think this experience has helped you to improve in some way as an Environment Artist, Project Lead, or Level Designer?
Mos Def! I have to work with 5 other people and manage the team, while making sure everything is staying true to the style. I think I’ve been getting better at that.
     5. What part of the project are you working on now?
I’m woking on fleshing out the mechanics, writing documents and figuring out a calendar. Really exciting stuff….
   B-B-B-Bonus Question!:  If you could live in one video game world, which one would it be?
Animal crossing

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