Meet The Crew!!! Marketing Director Tom Castagna Talks Games and Story-Telling

What’s up everyone? It’s time for Meet The Crew Wednesday, but this time, I interview our last team member, myself!

  1. To start, tell us your name and position at Robotic Potato:

Tom Castagna. Marketing Director.

     2. How did you get into Marketing? Where did you learn? Why?

After getting my bachelors in English, I decided to take on an internship as a marketing/office assistant at Frederator Networks in NYC. I knew that my communications and critical thinking skills would lend themselves well to marketing, and doing so helped me to realize that marketing was something I could enjoy doing, especially if the product was one that I actually believed in.

     3. When you began, did you know you wanted to get into games?

Not necessarily. I knew that working in video games was something that I would love to do, but for some reason, I had convinced myself that I didn’t know enough about the technical side of games to work in the field. Instead, I thought that I would have to work in what I thought of as a more formal or “traditional” business setting.

    4. What made you want to work in Video Games?

I was fortunate enough to grow up with a family that loved to play video games. As such, games have always been a major part of my life, from the old ATARI consoles to the PS4.  I have also always loved to read, and lose myself in fantastical worlds full of puzzles and conflicts unique to their stories. Now, as an adult, I have the privilege of watching the gaming industry evolve, allowing games to be as complex or as simple as they want while pursuing the highest quality of story-telling. It was seeing this trend that made me want to work in games, and maybe have the opportunity to share the kinds of stories that I loved with others.

     5. How did you end up at Robotic Potato?

Our Art Director, John is one of my roommates and oldest friends. One evening in December, while I was eating dinner, John came running into the kitchen from a video meeting with Alex, and said they needed someone to head up marketing. He had me join in the meeting, and then Alex officially offered me the position. That’s about it.

     6. What is your favorite video game right now?

Sadly, I’m actually not playing any games at the moment. I did recently finish Shadow of Mordor, and I loved it. I also have Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I haven’t been able to play it yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to play it soon though!

     Bonus Question: If you could smooch any video game character, who would it be?

The Turrets, from Portal. They’re adorable!




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