Meet The Crew!!!

Hey everyone, it’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for our next installment of Meet The Crew!
Check it out below:

1. To start, tell us your name and position at Robotic Potato:

I’m John, the Environment Artist and project lead on Kami Kami.

1. How did you get into Environment Art? Where did you learn? Why?

I studied Game Development in college and focused on 3d modeling. At a point I had to choose to concentrate on either environments or characters and I choose environments. Although even in my photography work my focus is exclusively on landscapes and never portraits, so I guess I’m just drawn to it.

1. When you began, did you know you wanted to get into games?


1. What made you want to work in Video Games?

I was working as a menswear designer in Manhattan and hated my job, and I would always play video games at my desk when I needed inspiration. After a while I started thinking “I should be making games”. Then one day I brought the spring collection into my bosses office, he looked at them and told me “Make them more like Ed Hardy.” I quit later that day and have never regretted it.
1. How did you end up at Robotic Potato?

I met Alex at a procedural level generation workshop, we talked after, and then I started working for him later that week.

1. What is your favorite video game right now?

The floor is Jelly, I think it has super unique game play, that functions incredibly well.

BONUS QUESTION: If you could smooch any one video game character, who would it be?

Birdo, hands down.



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