Meet The Crew!!!!

Hey guys, today we are happy to share with you the start of our new weekly updates, titled “Meet The Crew”. Every Wednesday we’ll be uploading a short “interview” with a different member of our team. We’ll talk about our backgrounds, what we’re up to in game development, and a little something extra too. Do you guys have questions you want to ask us? Shoot us an email at

And now for Round One:

Meet the Crew, Alex

  1. To start, tell us your name and position at Robotic Potato:

Alexander Lau, CEO and Head Programmer

2.  How did you get into Programming? Where did you learn? Why?

I started using a computer at the age of 4, my first was an old IBM Tandy with a 5” floppy disk drive. I loved computer games as a kid and pretty much wanted to be a programmer or engineer since I was little.

When I was in highschool I took classes in computer science, and I got a job in tech support at a local dialup internet company. In college I studied computer science and went on from there,

3.  When you began, did you know you wanted to get into games?

Same as question 2. However, I branched out into video games after working 2 years on a social media startup. I learned how to lead teams, do architecture and manage projects from that experience. After that failed, I decided to pursue my dream of making computer games.

4.  What is your favorite video game right now?

I’m currently playing the platformer Apotheon, which has inspired me a lot with Kami Kami. I’d say my favorite game (series) of all time would be either Total Annihilation and all spiritual successors (Supreme Commander, Planetary Annihilation et al) or Starcraft and Starcraft 2

Bonus Question: If you could smooch any video game character, who would it be?

Very obscure, but Princess Aida from Divine Divinity: Dragon Commander.



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