24 hours left for the Mother Goose Kickstarter. Win or lose, we’ll still be here!

Hey all. We’ve hit already the 24 hour mark. The hour is growing late, and we’re at around 60%. If you haven’t backed us yet, please do! Your donation will contribute directly to our success as a company. It’s so important in the video game world to build credibility and momentum, and we really need that.

What’s going to happen if we’re not funded? While I won’t get the chance to polish, test and debug the game to the state I’d like, I’ll take a day to package up the APK and send it off to the app store. I really hate to let a game go to waste, and I’d like the friends and family who supported us get a real chance to play the game anyway.

Whether or not we succeed at funding Mother Goose, be assured we’re not just going to disappear.
We’ve got more daring and innovative games in the pipeline, including a structural destruction puzzler, an origami platformer, a steam punk beat’m up, and a kaiju-based strategy game. Whatever happens, Mother Goose will not be the end of Robotic Potato, but the beginning.



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