Frankenspud And the Monster Mash!

Introducing my latest effort, Frankenfood!

Monster Mash

So as some of you may know I’m participating in the MonsterMash game jam this week. The objective is to create a monster-themed game in a single week! It’s kind of like those code challenge competitions, in that the main point is to kind of demonstrate your prowess.

Frankenfood: It’s what’s for dinner

So what I’ve come up with is a very rudimentary platformer, where you play a genetically engineered robotic potato (get it?) named Frankenspud. Your main method of movement is to roll around. 

So you’re a genetically modified organism (GMO) created by the brilliant Doctor Victor Lee. Now Dr. Lee’s problem is that he works for Monstero, a ruthless agricultural company. All hell breaks loose when his laboratory is attacked by protesters angry about GMO foods.

Your enemies are evil broccoli men that have been engineered to hunger for living flesh. (It makes them more nutritious). Your objective is to rescue your creator and figure out your reason for purpose for existing!

Coming to a Monday near you
SInce the Monster Mash ends July 7th, the screenshots are very much in progress. A lot of the artwork for the game is well, super under developed, and also I’m not a very good artist, so there’s that.

I’ll post a link to the game here on Monday, whether it be finished or not!


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