Holy Iterations Batman!

It’s often said that as a game is made it basically mutates into something else from the original concept.

Mother Goose was initially slated to be a simple combination of the Snake Game, combined with Match-3. My earliest implementation of this was the actual Snake Game taken from the book


It’s a pretty great book and taught be a lot about how game engines and rendering works.

So this is where I started


The initial story was basically Snakes eating multi colored mice, but that was decided to be too ‘gruesome’ and we decided to make things cuter. Now it was Mother Goose collecting eggs, and hatching them into Goslings.


Then we made a huge change when I attended a Unity conference at the behest of my friend Ron. It was eye-opening. The difference in terms of actual labor to make the game was amazing- Using the unity editor to move around scenes and handle sprite imports was light years ahead of the primitive system I built. The snake game and mother goose variant took me nearly a month to make- I had remade the entire thing in unity in less than 3 days.

So now that I was using Unity, game iterations and gameplay testing became fast and furious. The turn around for implementing a new game feature was like..hours, instead of weeks.

After lots of experimentation, the turn-based nature of the ‘Goose Snake’ moving and the complexity of the board changing with the snake moving and matching…was also experimented and deemed too slow and unfun. So we simplified the movement and added in bombs,

That’s our current incarnation of Mother Goose.



Now, it’s been a few weeks. You’ve seen my posts about how we’ve gone into the physics engine of Unity, and frankly we’ve gone nuts. Things have moved so far that we’re going to save those developments for a brand new game, a sequel of sorts, called the Mother Goose Demolition Company.

The gameplay and design are not finalized, and we’re still very much pre-alpha, but here’s an early screen.


Those blue blocks are ice blocks you need to remove to clear the level. There’s going to be more types of materials to construct all sorts of  structures. We might zoom out a bit to give us room for larger structures.

The big, giant bomb is a special power with a explosive radius of 5 units. When it goes off in that position, it’s probably going to clear a whole level. You activate/summon it by clicking the white bomb at the power bar at the bottom, which drops it down from above. It has a high mass, so it sinks below any eggs it lands on.

Yes, still the same bad programmer art assets. We’re going to be changing that with the help of our new artist.

However, the core gameplay is different from mother goose. Instead of a train of goslings on screen disrupting things, Color changing is now power-based. And to limit people from just spamming things, using powers costs money.

And of course, now all scores have been converted to money. The game is more about managing use of powers-for money rather than a reflex based scramble. And instead of making a lot of points in 60 seconds, now the objective is to destroy various structures with a variety of destructive implements ranging from good-old fashioned matching things on top, to bombs, lasers, wrecking balls, cranes…

And there’s going to be an actual storyline, with characterization and plot twists. But more on that later.



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