A New Game?

So I haven’t posted in about a week, mostly because I’ve been experimenting with something new. I felt that frankly, that the standard match-3 arrangement of Mother Goose (Board layed out in grid fashion) was kind of limiting. So I decided to get rid of the board. I’m very pleased with the results! The new game is still a match3 (Well, match 4 really), and uses the same artwork and similar concepts. However, the eggs and the goslings are now discrete physical objects that can interact with the world, so I can have things like levers, slopes, etc. I’m able to introduce a lot of gameplay variety, with very little effort!

I don’t have a name right now, the placeholder is Mother Goose Physics.

Here’s some screenshots. A video will be forthcoming soon.

Level 1. Ignore the yellow mouse thing, that will be replaced by something more appropriate artistically.






This is a lot more creative, it introduces slopes and a lever.





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