Chiptunes with LSDJ


Hey all! This is Ron here and i’ll be providing the music for the mothergoose game! As you see above i’ll be using a popular music tracker called LSDJ or Little Sound DJ. It’s a very verbose tracker that is packed onto a small little gameboy cart. It can be used on a multitude of things like a PSP, PC, Android, iPhone or anything place you can place a gameboy emulator on. LSDJ falls into the genre of Chiptunes where it uses the sound chips of the sound board to produce these low-fi 8-bit sounds. I won’t go into full detail of it but examples of people who use LSDJ would be:

Fighter X

To name a few who use LSDJ as their primary weapon of choice.

Why do i use something so primitive and limiting? To be honest… i’m not really sure. Is it limiting software? Heck yeah it is. But i always see that the more constricted the environment the more creative you can get with such restrictions. It allows you to think in a vastly different way and really think outside the box. So far it’s still a learning experience for me and i’m still getting the hang of the in’s and out’s of LSDJ.

Hopefully i can bring you some catchy tunes that would stay stuck in your head for a few days ;p.


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