High Scores And Levels

So there’s one feature that I need to implement before I really make things ready for Android market..

High Scores.

It won’t be difficult. My plan is to basically store a JSON of them inside the Unity PlayerPrefs. We’ll see how that works out. But the idea of High Scores is so that I can create an economy of sorts based on points. That way I can later on add an inventory for things like extra bombs, goslings of a certain color, or new pieces.

Eventually I’ll host a website with a DB to store highscores on the internet, so people can compare world wide, but that can come later.

One thing I’m concerned about is how to do levels? Levels extend the playability of a game by a lot. Most good puzzlers have levels of some sort, but of course, tetris has none. The problem with a continuously changing board (Things refill from the sky) is that levels become indistinct…so I need to figure out how to do levels.



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