Mother Goose

I’m proud to introduce our first game, Mother Goose. It’s a puzzle game that combines elements of match-3 with tetris. Basically, Mother Goose is at the bottom, collecting eggs and turning them into goslings. The objective of the game is to use the goslings to turn other eggs different colors in order to match-3.  The tetris element comes in as other eggs drop down from the sky to fill the gap. In order to make the game more interesting, we’ve added bombs that explode when you match them. We plan to add in more ‘bonus’ pieces and unique elements as development progresses.

The game started out as a combination of match-3 and the “Snake” game, and has basically evolved into this. It’s programmed in Unity2D and we plan on making it available for multiple platforms, including Android, PC, and IOS.

Mother Goose


Youtube gameplay clip available here:


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