This week in summary

So this week is kind of crap in terms of programming.

Had my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday, and boy it was a doozy. I got stitches and everything. I’ve basically spent the whole week drifiing in and out of consciousness. Unfortunately, this means no programming got done.

On the plus side, it did mean I had to do something else, so I chose to do some marketing research, and boy I’m glad I did that. I also learned that it’s easy to learn things when you’re high, but a really terrible idea to program when you’re high. Don’t program on percoset boys and girls, it’s not a good idea.

So I basically learned that you start marketing BEFORE releasing your game, and that you get it all together when you hit at least a playable alpha. Makes sense right?

So now I have to get all these things together..LLC, press kit, screen shots, videos, website..blah blah blah. Hopefully I can find someone to offload these duties to, because I am not a natural marketer.


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