Inaugural Post

Awesome. The blog is up. So my name is Alexander Lau, CEO of Robotic Potato. That sounds well, rather overblown considering that basically I’m putting together my first commercial video game project.

I’ve been programming at least since 8th grade and I’ve made a bunch of crappy games on my own throughout college and life. However my professional life has pretty much been spent in fields like finance and web development.

Thing is, like most kids, I’ve always wanted to make a real video game, and do it for a living. So that’s what I’ll be posting about here.

So far I’ve got a company name- Robotic Potato, a blog, and a domain name. I’m putting together an LLC too, and I have a couple of partners/friends that are helping me put things together.

In the next few days I’ll be going over what my game is, posting screenshots and videos and other things as well. so stay tuned.


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